Up Plus 3D Printers Heat Retention Enclosure Kit

This enclosure is designed exclusively for Up Plus and Up Plus 2 3D Printers by Tiertime.

Heat Retention Chamber for Up Plus 3D Printer

Made from high quality acrylic, this enclosure acts as a heat retention chamber which reduces pre-heat times, it effectively reduces warping of 3d printed parts, increases part strength, deduces de-lamination of layers and helps produce greater consistency of 3d printed parts.

There is no active heater in this kit, however the internal temperature is stabilised to around 55 degrees Celsius. The kit includes all the acrylic sheets, nuts and bolts as well as a digital display temperature gauge required to assemble the kit. The 3D printed parts are delivered in UP3 file format which you can print on the your Up Plus 3D Printer.

What's included in the kit?

  • All the frames and door pieces.

  • Nuts and bolts.

  • Digital Temperature gauge

What's needed to complete.

  • UP Plus printer

  • Super glue

  • 3mm allen key wrench

  • 3D printed parts  (you need to print them yourself)



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