genuine E3d online reseller

We are proud Australian Distributors of the infamous E3D V6 high performance full metal Hot Ends.

e3D are world rebound for their innovation in high performance 3D printing. e3D Hot Ends are well regarded as one of the best full metal Hot Ends on the market. They are suitable for printing the widest range of print materials with excellent print results, allowing for soft flexible materials and higher temperature filaments such as polycarbonate and Nylons. The introduction hard wearing stainless steel nozzles ensures long accurate 3D printing performance with abrasive filaments such as Carbon Fiber, Bronze, Copper and aluminum.

e3D Online keep innovating and pushing the boundaries in what can be done with 3D printers. The addition of the e3D Volcano has been a great contribution to enable increased speeds and strength of parts for large 3D printed parts. This is particularly beneficial to large format 3D Printers.

The introduction of the e3D Chimera has brought us the an ultra light weight dual head Hot End with all the benefits of the V6 performance. This with the addition of the e3D Cyclops HotEnd, we can now print dual materials with the difficulties of alignment of ooze of traditional dual head systems.