UpFlex Platform Surface for UP Plus / Up Mini - 3 Pack

Up Flex Platforms Surface for your UP Plus, Up Mini and Up Plus 2 3D Printers are ideal for printing raftless. These are 140mm x 140mm is size, which can easily on any filament style 3d printers and easy cut to smaller dimensions if required. 

Up FLex provides a stable 3D print surface for your UP 3D printer specifically used for, but are not limited to, PLA and ABS. BuildTak is composed of high quality, heat-resistant materials that are designed to withstand the typical high operating temperatures of UP 3D printers. When the print is complete, just remove the perfboard with Up Flex and leave to cool, then flex the sheet and the printed objects just pop off.

Up Flex is heat resistant, specially textured plastic sheet that adheres to your bear print bed or build plate. These sheets are more rigid than Kapton or masking tape and therefore much easier to install and apply to the build plate. It is much less susceptible to getting air bubble entrapment. Once your bed is correctly leveled, 3d printed objects are less likely to warp of come off the bed. When the prints are finished, the models pop off with less need for prying of scraping. This 3d printing surface is more durable and more effective at protecting the build plate. As the surface is suitable for both PLA and ABS, it is not necessary to change the platform surface between builds.

Up FLex offers the following benefits-

  • Pre-cut to fit the dimensions of the UP BOX 3D Printer on self adhesive sheet
  • Can be used interchangeably for ABS & PLA
  • Easily applied to the PerfBoard (adhesive backing) and leaves no residue when removed
  • Very durable surface – Will last for dozens of prints
  • Will greatly reduce warping and/or curling during printing
  • Greatly reduces platform pre-heating time
  • One pack includes 3 Sheets

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