Up Fila ABS Crystal Sea

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Brendan J.
Really nice finish

Printing using a Guider 2s, this filament came out really nice using almost the same settings that I use for flashforges ABS, when I say almost, I mean I COULD have altered the temp a tiny bit but the end result was so nice it wasn’t worth the hassle.
The matte finish is really really nice and makes layer lines almost invisible.
All in all it’s a great filament!

Up Fila ABS Crystal Sea3D printing filament has been research and developed by Tiertime. This ABS has been specially formulated to offer lower warping characteristics and easier support structure removal compared to conventional ABS and has been blended with Polycarbonate which requires a higher printing optimal printing temperature of 267 degrees C which results in a higher strength with a smoother matt surface finish. Perfect for objects requiring fine detail.

Up Fila ABS has been engineered to work with Up 3D Printers by Tiertime. We have extensively tested this material which also performs excellently on other ABS compatible 3d printers.

Now available in a large selection of colours, Up Fila ABS is high quality no fuss reliable filament with a matt luster and outstanding finish.


Material: ABS / Polycarbonate blend.

Size: 1.75mm +/- 0.1mm

Recommended Extrusion Temperature: 267 degrees Celsius

Heated Bed Recommended with Temperature between 90 to 110 degree Celsius