Up! Nozzle 0.4mm - 8mm Brass

These 0.4mm extrusion nozzles are suitable for the range of Up! 3D printers. 

There are Two Sizes of Nozzles. Older Up Plus / Up Plus 2 and Up Mini 3D Printers Use the 6mm Nozzles.These are also compatible with Zortrax 3D Printer.

The 8mm nozzles are used on Up Box, Up Box Plus, Up Mini 2 and Newer Up Plus 2 3D Printers.

8mm and 6mm Extrusion Nozzles for Up 3D Printers melbourne australia

The Version 5 Up! Printer nozzles are backward compatible with all Up box, Up Mini and Up Plus 2 3d printers that have 8mm hot ends. They have a finer, more  pointed tip which results in an improved print quality. Particularly on underside surfaces.

Before and After comparison with V5 Up Nozzles


The Up! Printer 6mm nozzles have a the thread viewable from the outside, and the 8mm nozzles have the thread hidden on the inside. Consult the nozzle you have loaded onto your printer before ordering. 

The Stainless Steel Nozzles are harder wearing than brass so are suited to abrasive filaments such as Carbon, wood, Laybrick, Glow in the dark and metalics. These are also more suited to Food Grade applications compared to Brass.

The 0.2mm Nozzle provides sharper detailed 3D prints and higher resolution on Up Box / Up Box + 3D printers using the Up Studio slicing software. Note compatible with any other up printers.


Up! Nozzle Compatibility: 

0.2mm 8mm Brass Compatible with-

Up Box
Up Box +

0.4mm 8mm Brass (V5) Compatible with-

Up Box
Up Box +
Up Mini 2
Up Plus 2 (newer models)

0.4mm 8mmStainless Compatible with-

Up Box
Up Box +
Up Mini 2
Up Plus 2 (newer models)

0.4mm 6mm Brass (V2) Compatible with-

Up Plus
Up Plus 2 (older models)
Zortrax M200
Zortrax M300
Tiertime Inspire D255
Tiertime Inspire D290
Tiertime Inspire S200
Tiertime Inspire D250




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