NEW Up Plus CPU upgrade for UP 3D Printers

No matter how old or new your UP Plus/Plus 2 is...

Getting this UPgrade will give it a new life!

The UP Plus UPgrade offers the following features:

  • WiFi – Now you can get your UP Plus or UP Plus 2 onto your wireless network and control it over the network using UP Studio.
  • Resume on Power Outage – Want to take the print home but it’s still got 8 hours to go, simply just switch it off and then resume the print when you get home.

This kit includes the following:

  • New CPU with integrated WiFi. (you keep your old CPU as a backup)
  • Antenna for CPU


Users can now control their UP 3D printer via WiFi or USB using Windows, MAC, iPad or iPhone app. The CPU UPgrade kit only works with the UP Studio software and is not downwards compatible with older UP software.


For installing the CPU, follow this link.

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