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Super 3D Printer Tool Kit

Ready for print like a pro? 

Get all the tools the pros use in one cheap bundle! This bundle contains all the tools that our repair team use regularly when fixing a printer, or cleaning up a print! With this kit you'll be ready to face every possibility that your printer could throw at you, no matter how big the project. 


Whether it be lightly brushing a nozzle on your printer clean, to tearing off the raft from a 600mm wide print, the kit has everything you need (believe me, we use them all). 

 super 3d printer tool kit layout spread

This tool kit comes with:

  • Filament cleaning foam blocks
  • Three piece wire brush set
  • Precision allen key tool set
  • High detail deburring tool 
  • Nozzle cleaning 0.4mm wires
  • High Strength Carbon Cutters
  • Raft ninja part separation tool
  • Ten pack of 0.4mm drill bits
  • Precision metal knife
  • Blade set for metal knife
  • Needle point metal files
  • Plastic applicator squeegee 
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Fine detail tweezers
  • Anti-cut safety gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Durable tool carry case


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