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Nozzle Cleaning Needles

Never be troubled by a clogged nozzle again! 

This package contains 10 disposable stainless steel needles that are 0.25mm wide, the perfect size to reach in and clean out a blocked nozzle. 25mm long from the tip of the needle to the wound handle, you have plenty of room to remove any burned in filament or foreign material. 

Made of stainless steel, the needle is strong, with an element of pliability that allows for it to spring back from most use, but can be bent to specific shapes with applied force to allow for specific cleaning jobs. 

A pack of 10 nozzle cleaning needles is a tool that you can't afford to be without!

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Made of stainless steel.
Each aluminum package includes 10 needles.
All needles were sterilized with ethylene oxide gas, without guide tubes.
Needle size: 25 x 0.25mm

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