DOBOT Magician - Hikvision Vision Kit (NEW)

Extended Vision with AI Robot Vision Kit

DOBOT Robot Vision Kit provides a basic software and hardware platform based on visual development. With the advantages of rich functions, stable performance, and convenient operation, it perfectly meets the needs of visual applications including visual positioning, measurement, detection, and recognition.

With rich features and reliable performance, the DOBOT Vision Kit can perfectly meet your needs for visual applications such as visual positioning, measurement, detection and recognition. Simple and flexible configurations like graphical interaction and drag-and-drop operation enable users to better understand the vision kit’s basic components and theories while using. Meanwhile, when flexibly combined with products like the DOBOT Magician, DOBOT M1 and their accessories, the vision kit is capable of carrying out different experimental projects. Basic software demos and source codes for visual applications are available for you to quickly get started with the DOBOT Hikvision Vision Kit.

Vision Kit Includes:

1. Industrial camera
2. Industrial camera lens
3. Camera mounting kit (including supports, screws, etc.)
4. Extension pole kit (M8 socket screws, pole extenders, etc.)
5. USB Connection Cable
6. USB Dongle
7. Attachment accessories (including demo supplies, colored blocks, calibration checkerboard)
8. Camera Lighting kit (adapter cable, M1 light source, Magician light source switch, camera light source)
9. Hardware package (allen keys for screws)
10. Camera base plate
11. Camera mounting plate for Dobot M1

*Dobot Sold Separately


Dobot Vision Kit parts

Abundant teaching demos including color recognition, barcode recognition, character recognition, measurement, calibration, alignment, image processing, etc., are provided along with the Dobot Hikvision Vision Studio to help users understand the basics and operation principles of the Dobot Robot Hikvision Vision Kit clearly and intuitively.
*Dobot Sold Separately