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Leapfrog Creatr 3d Printer

We are proud to introduce this ground breaking 3D printer to Australia and New Zealand. The Creatr is a real game changer for entry-level 3D printers. It is the largest 3D Printer in its class with a huge 230 x 270 x 210 mm build volume. That's over 13.6 litres! This printer now has an upgraded with improved extuders which now offer a minimum layer thickness of 0.05mm.

Look no further if you are looking for an easy to use, fully assembled machine. The laser-cut aluminum parts are all of high quality, which ensures a sturdy frame that adds durability and consistant quality printed products.

The Creatr is designed to look awesome and be the most competitive and durable 3D printer on the market. The machine features a high quality of printed product, has a large print area and has a high positioning accuracy of the print head.

Most important of all: finally a reliable and mass-produced 3D printer which is very affordable.

The Creatr has a heated bed and can print in ABS, PLA and the soon to be released PVA.

Double Slider Bearings:

Thermal Insulated Heated Build Platform:


Dual Extruder:


The Creatr with a dual extruder can print multi-coloured objects.

It can also be used to print production parts in ABS material and the support structure PLA or PVA. To remove PLA support structure from the ABS plastic, soak the print in water with caustic soda in the bath at 60 degrees for 3 hours, and hey presto, you have a finished part with all the support structure dissolved away. If you use PLA as the support structure, you can soak it in plain water without any chemical additives.

6 litre heated ultrasonic baths can be found on ebay for around $350.




Outer Dimensions

(WxDxH) 500 x 600 x 500 mm

Build Size

(WxDxH) 230 x 270 x 210 mm

Max. Print Volume

13.7 Litres

Positioning accuracy

0.05 mm

Min. Layer thickness

now upgraded to  0.05 mm

Electrical Connection

100-240 V

Material types


Standard size extruder

0.35 mm

Speed X and Y axis

up to 0.35 m/s

Extrusion speed

200 mm/min

Power consumption

400 W

Production cost

0,031 $/cm3

Production speed

2 cm 3/min

Dual Extruder

Yes, optional (recommended)


Download the latest User Manuals here-

Leapfrog Creatr User manual.pdf


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