Adventurer 5M

The Flashforge Adventurer 5M Series of 3D printers comes in two variants. The 5M which is an open frame printer and the 5M Pro is fully enclosed. They both share the same build size and specifications however the enclosed version includes extra features such as dual air circulation a as well as HEPA13 and activated carbon filters.

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Adventurer 5M

The Flashforge Adventurer 5M is a highly capable high performance 3d
printer which is capable of printing high speeds up to 600mm/s using
high temperature engineer materials with a nozzle temperature up to
280°C . With a 220 x 220 x 220mm build volume. This printer boasts a
double sided PEI build plate. The Flashforge Adventurer 5M can print a
large variety of materials and utilises a swapable extruder system which
allows you to rapidly change between different nozzles based on your
printing needs in seconds. Nozzle sizes are available in 0.25mm/ 0.4mm
(standard)/ 0.6mm / 0.8mm. With a 280°C maximum nozzle temperature
ensures this printer is capable of printing not only in standard
materials such as PLA and PETG, but also engineering materials such as
ABS and ASA. The hardened nozzles allow you to print in abrasive
composite materials such a carbon and glass composite materials such as
PLA-CF PETG-CF and PA-CF. You can also print in Flexible materials such
as TPU and High Speed PLA and PETG.

The Adventurer 5M is fast... very fast. With a standard print speed
of 300mm/s and a maximum speed of 600mm/s, it is able to accelerate at
20000mm/s2. Print quality is maitianed at high speeds by the printer
utilising advanced vibration compensation technology.

Flashforge has developed high speed printing materials especially
optimised to take advantage of this incredible speeds available.  A 4.3"
touch screen, wi-fi connection and built in camera ensure you are
always well as well informed and effortlessly able to communicate with
the printer. The highly tuned FlashPrint slicing software ensures that
your printer is well optimised for the various printing materials
capable for this machine.

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