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Kapton Tape Applicator / Felted Squeegee

This is a high quality felt coated vinyl film applicator which is traditionally used to apply tint to car windows, but it is perfect for applying tape such as Kapton Tape to 3D Printer print bed surfaces without air bubbles. It can also be used to lay down other tapes such a blue painter tape, builtak or PET and comes highly recommended by our team.

A Tips from the 3D Printing Experts-


Here is a trick to never having air entrapment under Kapton tape ever again. The easiest way to apply Kapton Tape it to your print bed is the same way automotive tinters apply vinyl wrap to cars. Spray soapy water (or use window cleaner straight out of the spray bottle if you are lazy) onto your 3d printer build platform as well as the sticky side of the Kapton tape. Then apply the Kapton tape to the print bed with the felted squeegee. The applicator will squeeze out all the water... and.... all the bubbles too. The felted side really helps at this point and does not scratch the tape. It is that easy, you will never look back!

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