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Deburring Tool Set for Plastic Parts

This Deburring Tool Set includes a 360 rotational handle with a stainless steel blade that have the optimal profile for deburring 3D printed plastic parts.

When 3D Printing, often a one lay thick skirt of material is printed around on the perimeter of an object. This improved adhesion to the print bed and reduces the chance of curling. The only problem is, you need to trim it off once the print is completed. This Deburring System is your best solution for removing internal skirts and burrs from rough edges around circular holes.

Burr Handle for deburring pastic 3d printed parts
Time to get you skirt off... With one of our deburring tool sets, you can!
Tips from the 3D Printing Experts-
For more information about adhesion methods in slicing programs, check out these definitions on the Simplify3D website -here-
Burr Handle Size: 125mm x 22mm Dia
Blade Including Angle:40 degree
Blade Size: 47mm x 3.2mm
Hardness: 63RC
Whats in the box-
1x  NB1100 Burr Handle with blade

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