ANYCUBIC Wash and Cure Plus

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The ANYCUBIC Wash and Cure Plus is an advanced 2-in-1 device that washes and cures your 3D prints in one seamless operation. With an auto-pause function and wash function, users can safely and quickly cure and wash their prints. Enjoy a professional-grade 3D printing experience.

The ANYCUBIC Wash and Cure Plus uses a 405nm UV light set and rotatable curing platform for reliable 360° curing. It features a powerful impeller and a durable wash bucket that are resistant to scratches and chemicals. The curing chamber is designed with a 360-degree rotating turntable and an LED light array for even distribution of UV light for perfect curing results.

Technical Specifications
● Machine: Wash and Cure
● Control method: Digital tube, LED indicator, Control knob
● Rated power: 40W
● Input voltage: AC110/240V 50/60Hz
● UV lights: 405nm
● Time selection: 1-60min
● Machine size: 290mm(L)*270mm(W)*479mm(H)
● Basket washing size: 192mm(L)*120mm(W)*290mm(H)
● Hanging cleaning size: 192mm(L)*120mm(W)*235mm(H)
● Curing size: 190mm(D)*245mm(H)
● Weight: ~6.5kg

Parts List:

  • Washing container
  • Tool set
  • Power cord
  • User manual
  • Washing basket
  • Reflector
  • Cure platform
  • Service card
  • Washing rack