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HEPA & Active Carbon Air Purification System for 3D Printers

This is a compact, USB powered, air purification system for use with 3D printers. 

air purification system for 3D printers with HEPA and activated carbon

With a 3 stage purification filter, this air purifier makes use of both HEPA and activated carbon to ensure that any and all toxic fumes are cleaned and dealt with. 

Silent operation ensures that this is a product perfect for schools who want to use 3D printers in their classrooms without disrupting their students. The air purifier is powered by a USB, which can be plugged into a wall outlet with an adaptor, or into many modern 3D printers with USB ports, such as the Inventor IIs and the Guider IIs.

air purification system schematics for 3d printers with a 3-in-1 filter and hepa with activated carbon