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140 Carbon Steel Needle File 10 Pack

These 140mm Carbon Steel Shaping Needle Files are ideal for deburring and cleaning up 3D printed plastic partsand are perfect for fine detail and delicate finishing. They include easy grip handles for better control and in come in ten different profiles to suit cleaning up different areas of your 3d printed parts. The profiles include- Flat square, square, flat tip, triangle, circular, semi-circular, oval, round tipped and knife edged.

Carbon Steel Needle Files for 3d printed part clean up in a ten pack

An essential tool for 3D makers is a good selection of carbon steel needle files. Different strokes for different folks!

The ten needle files include ergonomic handles and come conveniently packaged in a handy carry bag.

Tips from the 3D Printing Experts-


When you sand and file 3d printed models made in PLA or ABS, treat it like you would sanding hardwood. 3D Printed parts have layers much like the gain in timber. To get a fine finish you do need to start sanding with a causer grit paper first, then work your way down to a finer finish. If you skimp out on the courser sanding, you will still see sanding marks when you work to finer finishes. Start with 100 or 150-grit papers, then 220, then 320 fine, then 500 super fine, and then tackle the micron-grade grits to eliminate sanding marks. PLA can score and block sanding paper,  so use wet and dry, or our favorite techniques is to use an orbital sander!


10 x 140mm Carbon Steel Mini Files

Handle Length: 60mm

The 10 needle files come assembled with ergonomic handles. They are packaged in a protective plastic storage carry bag.