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da Vinci UV Curing Chamber

The XYZprinting UV Curing Chamber is compact, simplified, and elegantly designed in order to be placed in labs, offices, and other professional spaces. It's a space-saver, but the max curing size reaches Ø180 x H200 mm. The XYZprinting UV Curing Chamber features a 360° turntable and a reflective inner mirror. The UV device outputs steady, focused and consistent UV lights to quickly cure prints made with photopolymer resins.The curing process increases the hardness and durability of the printed products. UV LED wavelength ranges 370-405nm, so not only compatible with XYZprinting's general, flexible, and castable resin, it is also compatible with most of the SLA printers in the market.

UV Light Curing Chamber for SLA and DLP 3D Printers
    Elegant Design with Large Curing Space
    360° Curing Design To Enhance Durability
    UV LED Light Ensures Green and Great Experience
    Versatile Compatibility for All Professionals
    Cure Time1 to 60 minutes (Timer included)
    Dimensions 10 x 10 x 13.85 inches (25.5 x 25.5 x 35.2 cm)

    Comes with a Local Australian 12 Month Warranty

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