Tracer Racer Stem Kit

The Tracer Racer STEM for students 8 and older comes with a student workbook, teacher workbook, Tracing car kit, and STL design template files.

Students can design, print, assemble and construct with the easy-to-understand step by step workbook. The detailed teaching and activity booklets support the learning process for students, making the design process easy to understand and follow.

The aim of the game is for students to design and print a pencil holder that will transport a pencil on their tracing car around a set trace course without the pencil falling off. Once completed, students will challenge each other and put their designs to the test. The student with the lightest pencil holder that successfully completes the tracer course wins! This is a great STEM project for teachers to do further teaching on topics such as electric motors, kinematics, electronic circuits and basic principles of physics, such as gravity and forces.

stem 3d printed kit tracer racer for schools

Each pack includes:

  • Tracing carTracer electronics kit(s)
  • Student workbook(s)
  • Base STL file (students build their design upon the base STL file)
  • Example concept STL file (to 3D print and assemble an example project)
  • Teachers guidebook (for class packs of 6 and above)

electronics kit for tracer racer 3d printed stem kit for schools

Example STEM class lessons include:

  • Electric motors (how they work etc.)
  • Electronic circuits (components & IC's)
  • Sensors (light sensors)
  • Mathematics (velocity, distance/time etc).
  • hysics (basic principles such as gravity, centre of gravity, forces etc).
  • Vehicle safety (importance of seatbelts etc).
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