WriteBoard Stem Kit


WriteBoard is a smart, self-writing (and drawing!) robot controlled via a internet browser-based app! Students will 3D print and assemble this automatic whiteboard writer from scratch. Send instructions to the WriteBoard from anywhere in the world, it's all done through a WiFi module connected to Cloud services. Best of all, it can also erase the doodles automatically!
self drawing writing writeboard 3d printted stem kit for classroom

Each pack includes:

  • B-robot BRAIN SHIELD v.2.0 + Arduino Leonardo compatible board
  • 2x Stepper motor drivers
  • 2x Stepper motors
  • 2x servos
  • Cables
  • Steel+aluminium bars
  • Bearings+Bushes+bolts+nuts
  • Pulleys+timing belts
  • Power supply
  • Whiteboard marker
  • STL files for casing and stand etc
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