Felix 3.0 Single / Dual Head - Fully Assembled

The best has just got better!The much anticipated FELIX 3.0, the newest generation these high resolution printers is now available..

If you are looking for a 3D printer with ultra high resolution, fast printing, award winning print quality, a large print size volume and quiet operation - look no further this is the printer for you!

This is the fully assembled variant of the Felix 3.0 made by FELIXprinters (Netherlands). (A built it yourself version is also available here)

  • Dual Head Option (recommended), now print in two colours and print with soluble support.
  • More reliable printing of large object due to improved heat bed which is now an aluminum sandwich construction with very even heat distribution of heated bed and greater dimensional accuracy.
  • Stand-alone printing out of the box, includes display screen and SD card, no constant need of a computer.
  • Now incorporates injection molded parts for increased rigidity, longevity and higher speed printing.
  • New improved V4 Hot End improves print quality and now has a removable nozzle tips for easy maintenance.
  • Higher quality prints.

Felix 3.0 now includes a aluminum sandwich constructed heat bed as well as a display screen as standard for computer free control.


Dual Head Extruders now optional (recommended). The Felix 3.0 has been updated with injection molded parts for greater rigidity, longevity and improved print quality.


NEW innovations

The FELIX 3.0 brings many new things to the table compared to its predecessor.

The benefits:

More reliable printing. Our newly designed heated bed is flatter, lighter and stiffer, resulting in even better print adhesion for larger prints.

Higher quality at higher speeds. Due to increased stiffness of injection molded parts, you can print at higher precision and higher accelerations.

Dual extrusion. Print your objects with two colors or with special water soluble support material.

Last but not least, you can upgrade your own printer to the latest revision. Upgrade kits will be available.

New Electronics

  • * Industrially fabricated electronics, which increases reliability
  • * Only high quality components used, which require less cooling. Fan is not required anymore.
  • * Prepared for dual extrusion.
  • * Z-axis fine-adjustment, more robust and repeatable.

This is the fully assembled variant of the Felix 3.0 made by FELIXprinters (Netherlands). (A complete DIY Kit version is also available here). This printer now includes a 1kg roll of PLA filament.

The Felix 3.0 3D Printer is an fast, durable and reliable. Years of experience in the field of high precision mechatronics and industrial automation have led to this design. Stand out features include:

  • Ultra Fine Resolution. This printer can print down a Z height of 0.05mm thats 50 mircrons!
  • Large Build Size. It includes a255 x 205 x235mmbuild platform in single head mode or 240 x 205 x 235mm in dual head mode.
  • Rigid construction. The aluminum frame is strong can withstand the high accelerations of the moving parts. This equates to high quality prints
  • Quiet operation. Due to the rigid frame, bearing type and low noise fans you can enjoy your prints come to life in peace.
  • Reliable. Engineered with durability in mind, which keeps you printing for many many hours.
  • Easy to calibrate.The components are not mounted in an over defined way, this gives you short calibration time and get's you printing faster.



images courtesy of Creative Tools


  • High Accuracy: Minimum layer height of 50 micrometer (0.05mm) guaranteeing detailed prints.
  • Quiet Operation: Due to rigid frame choice and bearing type, the printer is very quiet. This makes it possible to use it comfortably on your desk
  • Durability: Only high quality and durable materials are used (aluminum and stainless steel). This ensures long lasting printing experience.
  • Easy Calibration/Maintenance:Due to the open and smart design the parts are easily accessible
  • Portable: The convenient handle makes it possible to take it everywhere.
  • Compatible with almost every CAD package: The software used to calculate a CAD file requires STL files, this is a format which almost every CAD package can export.
  • Download and print upgrades for Free: As much as possible and sensible parts are printed parts. This makes it possible to have very quick update cycles and maintain topnotch print performance. All printable upgrades can be downloaded and printed by the user. The files are already prepared so you can just download and print them.
  • Easy to use Print Software:Uses Repetier-host and comes with precalibrated Print Settings specifically for Felixprinters. It is now very userfriendly. Just install with the automatic installer and you are ready to go make your first print. - Slicing profiles included out of the box.




Main specifications:

Print volume / build size (X,Y,Z) 240 x 205 x 235 in dual head mode or 255 x 205 x 235 in single head mode
Frame size (X,Y,Z) (450x500x530) mm
Resolution (Z-AXIS) 0.05 - 0.3 mm
Accuracy x, y 0.05 and z is 0.01 mm
Print Speed 150 mm/sec
Total mass 6.7 kg
Nozzle diameter 0.35 mm
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Heated Bed Temp (max) 95 deg C
Nozzle Temp (max) 275 deg C
Filament Material ABS, PLA, Nylon, Arnitel, HIPS, PVA  
Slicing Software Repetier Host, Slic3r Pronterface  
Display Unit  20 x 4 character display is included as standard
OS Support Windows / Mac / Linux  
 Print without PC (New) YES - MicroSD card required
New Improved Aluminum Sandwich Heated Bed included
Optical endstop sensors
1 kg PLA filament included with printer

These printers are currently on back order.

The printer is designed in the following modules:

Frame module:

Extruded aluminum frame parts
Easy connectors, the frame is assembled by screwing 6 hex bolts

X (moving head) and Y (moving table) module:

Drylin-sliding bearing
Printed parts
NEMA 17 motor
Heated bed

Z-axis module:

Drylin-sliding bearing
Printed parts
NEMA 17 motor 

Extruder/Hot-End module:

Hot End
2x Fan
NEMA 17 motor 

Electronics module:

RAMPS 1.4 electronics
4x opto-sensors
3m USB cable
Power cable

Miscelleaneous parts:

Tie wraps
Bolts and nuts
12V 250W Powersupply FlexATX

The well respected MAKE magazine 2013 reviewed and and praised FELIXprinters for the following features:
- Extremely quiet
- Large build volume
- Fine Z resolution
- Rigid aluminum frame,
- Good retraction for near-stringless builds
- Speedy printer

Make magazine just awarded the title Surprise hit of 2014 for the FELIX 2.0, but they didn't even see the FELIX 3.0 yet!

Read more about the review here-


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