E3D Edge Basault Grey 1.75mm

spoolWorks Basault Grey Edge is a heavily pigmented filament that prints to a deep charcoal grey.

e3d edge PETG filament in Basault Grey

Edge is a unique filament for 3D printing, developed by E3D as part of their spoolWorks range. It combines the toughness and resilience of ABS with PLA’s ease of use.

With Edge’s super-low contraction, prints come up with little to no warp!

Edge is PETG-based, making it recyclable, it also adheres effectively to bed surfaces with just a little bit of gluestick.

Edge brings you the strong, solid colour you can expect from e3d. A naturally glossy, shiny material, Edge shows detail extremely well and can even be given a metallic finish.

For adhesion to the print bed, a thin application of a UHU glue stick works well. It can be printed onto a cold print bed, or a heated bed up to 90 degrees Celsius.


Printing Temperature - 220 to 240 degrees celsius

Bed Temperature - 40 to 60 degrees celsius

Sizes - 1.75mm +-0.05mm

Product Weight - 750 grams

Genuine e3D Online Reseller

1.75mm ± 0.05
1.75mm ± 0.05
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