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Taulman PCTPE Elastic Filament 1.75mm 450g

Taulman PCTPE Elastic Filament for 3D Printers.

Taulman Nylons PCTPE is a modified Nylon that is a has a lustrous finish, it is extremely tough, durable and flexible / elastic. It is not a rubbery material. This material is easy to print and has low warp, so is suitable for large 3d prints and wearable objects. It prints around 230 C and likes a hot 100 C heated bed temperature. It will adhere to a print bet using a glue stick.
Taulman3d PCTPE 3d printer filament roll in 450 grams
Applications that require flexibility but low stretch and high strength such as timing belts and flexible hinges make PCTPE.


  • Prints on bowdens or direct drive extruder
  • Print temperature = 230C
  • Low shrinkage = prints on glass with a 50% water/PVA glaze heated to 40C
  • Super Layer to layer bonding that allows for single perimeter walls to be folded along thread axis.
  • Takes on any acid based color dye (RITT) very fast = 5 min @ 140F
  • Takes on acid based antimicrobial coatings for footwear and prosthetics.
  • Color = Bright White/reflective Nylon surface
  • Tensile PSI = 5,043
  • Modulus PSI = 10,954
  • Elongation @ Break = 497%+
  • As smooth to the touch as any wearable nylon
  • Works well on TierTime printers including the Up Box, Up Plus 2 and Up Mini

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