3DStuffmaker eVOLUTION Personal 3D Printer

The eVOLUTION comes delivered fully assembled and ready to print. Boasting a 200x200x200mm(8 litres) build volume and now capable of superfine 0.1mm layer build increments. This printer will be able to be upgraded to include up to 4 colour print heads, so you can print multi coloured and multi material parts (coming soon). Australian design and engineered, backed with a 12 month part replacement warranty, this is the best value personal 3D printer available today. 

This printer is suitable for the tinkerer at heart. If you want to experiment and customise your printer, change print heads build platforms etc, then this it the one for you.

Print area (X Y Z): 200x 200 x 200 mm
Machine dimensions LxWxH: 478 x 456 x 430mm
Maximum Print Size (cm3): 8000
Print speed: 2.5m minute (theoretical m  ax speed 10m min)
The Layer Thickness: 0.1 mm [range 0-1000microns]
 Positional Accuracy (x,y): 0.05mm
Print 3D Materials: PLA (calibrated for PLA)
Power Requirements: 12V DC, 5A
CAD input data file format supported: STL
Operating system- minimum or later: XP or later
Hardware recommended: 1.8 GHz with 1 GB RAM (basic)
Printing modes/output: Solid- honeycomb or hollow 3D objects
Print Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
No. of print heads: 1 (soon to be upgradable to 4)
Color head ready: yes
Nozzle/Extruder Head drive: STANDARD 0.7mm [optional 0.2mm and 0.4mm available as extra.]

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