Up Fila PLA Rainbow 12 Pack

Buy a 12 pack and Save! Package includes two of nearly every Up Fila PLA colour.

Rainbow Pack includes two of each of the following Up Fila PLAs

2 x Up Fila PLA Scarlet Orange 500 gram 1.75mm 
2 x Up Fila PLA Natural 500 gram 1.75mm
2 x Up Fila PLA Green 500 gram 1.75mm
2 x Up Fila PLA Burgundy Red 500 gram 1.75mm
2 x Up Fila PLA Blue 500 gram 1.75mm
2 x Up Fila PLA Grey 500 gram 1.75mm

Up! PLA is genuine Up branded filament made by Tiertime which is especially formulated to perform with Up 3D Printers including the Up Mini, Up Mini 2, Up Plus, Up Plus 2 and the Up Box.

Printed parts look fantastic and have a gloss surface finish and support structures break off easily. The White PLA from Tiertime has proven to work well on the Up printers and is especially viable for very large prints.


To print with this material in the UP software, select Maintenance / Add New Spool and choose "PLA" 


Material: PLA

Colour: Green

Size: 1.75mm +/- 0.1mm

Recommended Extrusion Temperature: 200 Celsius

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