The UP300 - Tested!

October 25, 2018

The UP300 - Tested!

Industrial grade 3d printing on your desktop

Up300 3d printer for sale in Australia

Tiertime are a manufacturer of 3d printers which has a proven reputation of producing high quality professional 3d printers for over 15 years, with their Inspire range as well as the infamous Up brand of consumer/educational printers. Today we are proud to announce the arrival of their next generation of the 3d printers. The UP300, a high performance fully enclosed fused deposition 3d printer featuring a 255 x 205 x 225mm build size capable of printing high temperature materials up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Up300 front view

The 3D Printer Superstore has been testing the UP300 and have been impressed with the results. Tiertime has been listening to their customers’ requests and has made improvements to all aspects of 3d printing and adds greater flexibility in materials and extends applications of use. The UP300 improves on print performance, safely, usability and reliability. With its with metal construction which is fully enclosed- this 3d printer effectively controls warping of engineering materials and entraps volatile participles with a class leading, recirculating dual action air filtration system ensuring piece of mind. An ideal printer for office or educational environment.
Up300 ABS 3d print of Redhood
From our initial tests, the first thing that became obvious was the rigidity of the machine and the print quality. The stable printing mechanism has been well engineered to provide high precision and accuracy. The printer is quieter than its predecessor and fully sealed to form an effective stable print chamber. This enables the UP300 to successfully print large parts in engineering materials such as this full size "RedHood" Mask in Up Fila ABS Red plastic.
Up300 print heads
The UP300 introduces greater flexibility with the introduction of three dedicated print heads and three print surfaces options. Included is a print head optimised for low temperature materials such as PLA. Also second print head for producing parts in flexible materials such as TPU, polyesters and elastomers. A third print head is dedicated for printing high temperature materials such as ABS, ABS+, Nylon and PETG an Polycarbonate for temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius.

The printer includes rotatable printing plates which have different printing surfaces on each side. There is a smooth glass option, a slightly textured pei type surface as well as a perforated fiberboard surface for maximum adhesion when printing with a raft.
UpStudio custom support structures
Tiertime have also been adding greater flexibility in their 3d printing software- UpStudio. You now can generate customised support structures where individual support areas can be toggled on or off. Another new feature is your ability to load multiple jobs so once a print is completed, the printer will prompt you to automatically start the next job. Ideal for low production work, busy offices or school environments which coordinate multiple users. For the die hard maker community, Simplify3D sliced printing files can be imported and printed on Up printers as well.
The wait is over, the UP300 is available for sale and for demonstration at our Melbourne Showroom or online store across Australia

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