Getting Robbed by Jazza... Activate security protocols!

July 01, 2018

Getting Robbed by Jazza... Activate security protocols!

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you might have already seen that we've been having a bit of fun filming in the store recently! When Josiah Brooks, a creative YouTube sensation walked in to our store, he was blown away at our display of 3d printed models and by how far 3D technology has evolved. He shares the same passion for creativity as the 3D Printer Superstore and instant synergy was formed.

Draw with Jazza meets the 3d printer superstore

Josiah is an incredibly skilled artist and illustrator-  entertaining and inspiring millions of viewers. With his main YouTube channel Draw with Jazza, Josiah provides drawing and digital sculpting tutorials where he continuously challenges and pushes his own creativity. He also has a secondary channel called Daily Jazza, a vlog channel showing entertaining behind the scenes activities and hilarious outtakes.

Josiah Brooks filming the geat filament theft with Dalek

See the behind the scenes video with a Dalek

Josiah is more than just a passionate talented artist, he is truly inspiring with his positive and unashamed delivery he has gained close to 3 million YouTube subscribers. With a zest for life, he challenges himself, trying new things with a “can do” attitude without fear of failure.

Draw with Jazza 3d printing pen

On his channel, Josiah experimented with 3D pens where he has brought 2D characters to life, drawing 3D versions of himself in a fantasy scene which dragon. These videos went viral- inspiring over 8 million viewers. Over the last 12 months Josiah has also been experimenting with Digital Sculpting in VR and has entertained us with amazing results as well as humoring us with a challenge of sculpting whilst intoxicated. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for 3D creations, the natural progression for Josiah now is to explore the possibilities that 3D Printing may have as a creative outlet for his creations.

When Josiah first visited the 3D Printer Superstore he was blown away at what was now possible, the scale and quality that could now be produced and how far 3D technology has evolved over the last 5 years. He discovered that the 3D Printer Superstore shares his passion for creativity and has also experimented with VR digital sculpting and 3D printing.

After some entertaining candid content for his Daily Jazza vlog channel, Josiah left the 3D Printer Superstore with his very first 3d printer, a Flashforge Guider IIs. As a complete novice in 3D printing Josiah shall bring a refreshing insight into the experience of owning your first 3D printer as he pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved when you let creativity run free. I encourage you all to subscribe to his YouTube channels and follow him on his journey.

Jazza meets the 3d printer superstore for the first time
Watch Jazza's first visit to the store

Nothing compares to the first time he saw the store though! For those of you who haven't had a chance to make the pilgrimage out to our store in Port Melbourne yet, take a look at the video where Jazza checks out everything that we have going on!

Of course, a video can never compare to the real thing, so don't ever hesitate to come pay us a visit. We're open 10:30 - 6:00 every weekday, and we're generally working on something pretty fun! 




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