Come scan with me Let's scan, let's scan away!

December 05, 2018

Come scan with me Let's scan, let's scan away!

Introducing the newest and most exciting hardware in 3d scanning - the EinScan Pro 2X and EinScan Pro 2X Plus! 

These latest scanners by Shining 3D offer a new level of versatility, as they can be used in three scanning modes; Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, and a Fixed Scan Mode with up to 0.04mm resolution, ideal for scanning small items the size of a coin or medium items up to a few meters. The 2X scanners can now collect up to 1,500,000 points per second in hand held scanning mode, with an accuracy of 0.1mm. Additionally a HD Prime module can be added to enable handheld high resolution scanning without the requirement of dot markers. This non-contact 3d scanning method is ideal for capturing items that may be sensitive, such as archival relics or automotive interiors.

"If you scan your face, and 3d print it for your shelf, is it called a shelfie?"

The 3D Printer Superstore recently made a day trip to visit the design studio of the infamous Youtuber with over 3 million subscribers, Josiah Brooks AKA Jazza. Together we created a hilarious video experimenting with a variety of 3d scanning technologies, to explore how they may work in conjunction with Virtual Reality, Virtual Sculpting and 3d printing.

First we, experimented with structured light infra-red scanning technology built into an Occipital Scanner mounted to an iPad. Then we utilised the 3d scanning technology is built into the latest Apple iPhones, followed by slaving the iPad to a powerful graphics orientated computer to process the heavy data loads required to 3d scan the entire studio. 

Jazza uses a green screen background to immerse himself into his VR Sculpting videos.

Jazza plans to import our 3d scans into a virtual reality environment on future projects, he can then digitally sculpt within his own virtual studio... within his own studio... in virtual reality. Now that sounds like something totally out of the Matrix!

Once sculpted in VR he can then 3d print his creations and bring them back to reality using his large format 3d printer, the Flashforge Guider IIs. This Hulk model was featured in one of his earlier videos, 3d printed in PLA then artistically hand painted. Watch this video here

A quick scan we took of Jazza's office to show him how scanning worked

Of course, scanning a room is one thing, but scanning a person is much more of a fun challenge! This is where we had to bring out the big guns, and with the Einscan Pro 2X Plus not yet announced, we took along our trusty EinScan Pro + to get the job done. 

The EinScan Pro series of scanners use a 3d scanning technology known as structured light scanning, where the scanner emits a series of patterns of blue light onto it's subject, a pair of cameras see these projections, then triangulate the information to generate 3D point cloud. Once the data is collected, the software converts the data into a watertight mesh model that can be directly 3d printed, manipulated in VR or imported into other downstream applications.

With Jazza sitting down and smiling in his best super hero pose, Mark got to work taking in as much of his face as possible without blinding him. By layering several careful passes, we were able to build up a complete and beautiful model of Jazza.

Sadly that drew our good work with Jazza to a close, but of course, to get a better understanding of what we achieved, best have a watch for yourself below! We can not wait to see what he does with our 3d scans in his future projects. Let us know if there are any cool projects you would like to see us taking on.

Check out and subscribe to his youtube channels for future updates.

We combined with our faces to create a new distortion of horror!
Why we created this monstrosity we'll never truly understand.

f you would like to see more of our previous encounters with Jazza, check out our blog post here

Watch the full 3D Scanning video and witness the hilarity unfold!

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