PLA Green Glow in the Dark 500g

This is a 0.5kg 1.75mm roll of Glow in the Dark Green filament from Flashforge. This is a PLA filament with glowing particles added to allow for an incredibly bright glowing green light to be emitted when the filament has been charged via a light source. We've found that this filament glows incredibly bright and incredibly quickly when hit with a blacklight.

We've found at the Superstore that as this material is a PLA based filament, it doesn't require a heated bed when printing, but is happy with a bed at 50 degrees when printing large or flat parts. The nozzle should be set to around 200 degrees when printing thinner or slower layers, and 210 degrees when printing larger or faster layers. Due to the particulates in the filament, we'd recommend using a hardened nozzle, or a nozzle you won't mind shortening the lifespan of.

These filaments will work well with any printer that takes 1.75mm PLA. They might however require an external spool holder if they do not fit on the spool holder that comes with the printer. 

This is a new-upgraded formulation engineered by Flashforge helps to minimize filament problems such as curling and bubbles during printing. The new anti-moisture ingredients included in this formulation permits longer storage time without loss of quality.

More precise and stable

Flashforge's new filaments have passed through high-precision laser diameter measuring test, guaranteeing stability of filament diameter, ensuring that the filament doesn't get stuck or slip during printing. 


Durable for storage - better to use

Flashforge's new filament series has a damp-proof and anti-cracking formula applied to the filament in production, lengthening the storage time when not using the material. This lets you use all your filament, no matter how long it's in storage. 


New process - higher pureness

Flashforge's new filament series is made up of a new formula, which is mixed and produced in a controlled and dust free workshop, preventing any possibility of dust mixing as common with cheaper brands, letting us say goodbye to needless extruder blocking

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