FLASHFORGE Adventurer III Detachable Nozzle Assembly

This is the new version 2 hot swappable nozzle used on the Flashforge Adventurer III 3D Printer with improved print quality and reliability. It is released from the hot end assembly with a pair of push in handles and slides in and out of place. 

This piece contains the heat break, stainless steel nozzle, heater cartridge, and thermistor all in one! This assembly is in a safe plastic housing for ease of replacement. 

When installing a hot swappable nozzle assembly on the Adventurer III, ensure that the nozzle is pressed completely into the extruder head, with the small flange sitting flush. This will lock it into place and ensure it cannot be pulled or pushed out without pressing in the release clips on the sides of the extruder head, and that the electronics have a strong and stable connection. 

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