FLASHFORGE Guider II/IIs High Temperature Extruder upgrade Kit

This is a high temperature upgrade kit-  all metal hot end for the Guider II and Guider IIs which allows you to use your Guider IIs printer to use higher temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius and more varied materials with your printer such as nylons and polycarbonate. These hot ends are compatible with the Guider IIs. This item is a genuine Flashforge product which includes the hot end assembly.

This hot end assembly comes with everything you need:

- Longer Nozzle with increased heat zone.

- All Metal Heat break

- Longer Heat block

- Denser Heat sink

- Thermistor 

- Heat cartridge


To install, simply remove the old hot end system from the extruder, and plug the new one in its place. Then, ensuring your Guider II/s is running the latest firmware, go to settings and enable the high temperature extruder. You'll be printing in no time!

All Flashforge stock is held locally and is ready to ship immediately. 

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