e3D Volcano Eruption Pack

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We are Australian Distributors of the infamous E3D-Online high performance full metal Hot Ends.

 Do you have a large 3D Printer, or do need to make stronger parts or print at faster speeds, then the e3D Volcano is for you. If you already have an e3D hot end or an e3D Lite6 hot end this upgrade kit will allow you to print with and 0.6, 0.8 , 1.0 and 1.2mm nozzle and insane speeds.

 Volcano is E3D's answer to slow printing. If you want large parts, in less than half the time, with dramatically increased strength then Volcano is what you need.

e3D Volcano High Speed 3D Printing Comparison Chart
Volcano enables you to print at high layer heights, through large nozzles, and extrude much more plastic per second. This results in dramatically reduced print times.

In addition to reduced print time the large traces of filament printed by Volcano bond to one another with greatly improved strength. This results in parts that are extremely strong and feel much more solid than standard prints.

Printers are getting larger and the objects that can be printed are getting larger too. However, as prints get bigger the time taken to print these objects increases exponentially. Volcano makes huge printers viable, and manufacturing large objects much more efficient by slashing print times by more than half compared to standard printing.

By combining speed and strength Volcano makes it possible to print objects a whole new class of objects like shelf brackets, large scale RepRap machines, and even furniture.
e3D Volcano Strong layer bonding and high peed 3d printing
Just because parts are printed with large layers doesn't mean that they are going to be inaccurate or ugly. To the contrary the large layers give a very smooth appearance, with great gloss. With a correctly calibrated machine you can stil hit part accuracies of +/- 0.1mm.



What's in the box

1 x Volcano 0.6mm nozzle

1 x Volcano 0.8mm nozzle

1 x Volcano 1.0mm nozzle

1 x Volcano 1.2mm nozzle

1 x heater block

1 x heater

1 x thermistor/wiring




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