Capricorn Premium Hot End C Tube

This is a premium upgrade PTFE tube with ultimate low friction made by Capricorn. Simply replace the standard PTFE tube from your printer with this to reduce clogging and improve print reliability. 

With a higher melting point, these allow you to print higher temperature materials for more engineering purposes. The tube can be heated up to 300 degrees before it starts to soften and become unusable.


These are cut to the length for the Flashforge 3D printers.



Version 2 is compatible with the Flashforge Creator Pro/Dreamer/Inventor and with the Version 2 Nozzle pictured above. The tube has a 4mm outside diameter.

Mk10 PTFE lined extruders include-

    Cocoon Create 3D Printer
    FlashForge Creator Pro
    FlashForge Creator X
    FlashForge Dreamer
    FlashForge Inventor
    Flashforge Inventor II
    Qidi Tech I
    Qidi Tech X-One
    Dremel Idea Builder
    ​PowerSpec 3D Pro​
    PowerSpec 3D X
    PowerSpec Ultra
    Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus
    ​Wanhao Duplicator 4S
    Wanhao Duplicator 4X
    Wanhao Duplicator 6
    Wanhao i3
    Monoprice Maker Select
    Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer v2
    Monoprice Maker Select Plus
    Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer

Version 3 is ONLY compatible with the Finder/Guider II/Inventor II and with the Version 2 Nozzle pictured above. The tube has a 4mm outside diameter, and is slightly longer than the V2 version to accommodate a longer heat break on these 3d printers. 

Compatible with these 3d printers -

    FlashForge Finder
    Flashfogre Guider
    FlashForge Guider II

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