0.4mm Mk9 Extrusion Nozzle for Flashforge Creator Printers

These 0.4mm nozzles are genuine factory nozzles for Flashforge older style MK9 3D Printers. They can also be used on other 3d printers using an M6 threaded heater block using a 3mm OD PTFE Tubing inside the nozzle.

NOT suitable for newer style Flashforge printers with the wider Mk10 nozzles found on newer Creator, Creator X and Dreamer 3D printers.

Compatible with 3D Printers using MK9 Extruders including-

FlashForge Creator


Nozzle size 0.4mm
Internal Diameter: 3mm
M6 Thread
Material: Brass
Spanner size: 7mm
Total Length: 13mm
Head length: 8mm

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