XYZ Printing

Quick Release Extruder for da Vinci 1.0 1.0A 1.0 AiO and 1.1 Plus - Version 2

Replacement Single Nozzle for da Vinci 1.0


Works with PLA New part nr no RS10XXY152K (replaces old Part no: RS10XXY137F)

spare XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 Extruder replacement for XYZ printing Da Vinci 1 series 3D printers

Now updated Ver. 2

Quick Release Extruder for da Vinci 1.0, 1.0A*, 1.0 AiO* and 1.1 Plus
XYZprintings Quick Release Extruder is fairly easy and safe to attach and detach. The smart temperature control assures the stable extrusion of filament which delivers perfect layering during printing. Compatible with ABS/ PLA and TPE*. Diameter 0.4 mm.

Part No:RS10XXY152K


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