UP mini 3

The UP Mini 3 is the latest printer brought to you by Teirtime. This printer is an ideal 3d printer for education and home users and those with safely in mind. This printer includes a HEPA and an active carbon filter to reduce volitiles.

Up Mini 3 Tiertime
  1. The UP mini series are built for everybody with easy-to-use and safety in mind. The new UP mini 3, with a new look, has made crucial upgrades with bigger build plate, true auto calibration and filament runout protection.

Up Mini 3 3D printer 3 shots

  1. A perfect printer for schools and families- Easy to use with a new adequate size for printing in Schools, the UP mini 3 meets the requirements in schools. With a bigger build plate and easy-to-use software, the printer has all the features needed. In addition, the UP mini 3 has a safety feature to pause printing when the door is opened, and also pause printing when the filament runs out.
  2. Toxic Odor Filter- Safety Features for the Classroom and the office- The embedded air filter, with HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration system, removes toxic air that circulates inside the printer while printing plastic filament. Effectively reduce toxic elements, known to be the triggers of asthma and other pulmonary disorders.
  3. True Auto Calibration- The new bed leveling mechanism is based on the concept of load balancing. The calibration does not need human intervention, which is easy to operate and accurate as well.

Up Mini 3 3d printer Tiertime


  • First item on the list: MEM(Melted Extrusion Modeling)
  • Extruder : Single
  • Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
  • Buildplate Max. Temperature: 100℃
  • Connectivity : USB cable and Wi-Fi
  • Touch Screen : 4.3″ LCD Screen
  • Build Volume : 200×200×200 mm (XYZ)
  • Calibration and leveling : True Touch 2.0, Automatic
  • Layer Resolution : 0.1 / 0.15 / 0.2 /0.25 / 0.3 / 0.35 mm
  • Buildplate Surface : UP Glass Perf or UP Glass Flex, Heated
  • Dual Filtration System : HEPA and Activited Carbon Filters
  • Print Resume On Power interrupt :  Yes
  • Pause to Change Filament Type :  Yes
  • Out of Filament Detection : Yes
  • Filament : UP Fila ABS,ABS+,PLA,TPU and 3rd Parties
  • Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
  • Filament Spool Compatibility : 500g,1kg or 2kg
  • Operating Sound : 47 db

Up Mini 3 3D Printer Tiertime


  • Machine Dimensions : 487×423×550 mm
  • Net Weight : 15kg

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