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Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Tweezer 2 Pack

These Precision Tweezers are made from 302 stainless steel. They are anti-static, anti-magnetic, anti-acid & non-corrosive. The ideal tool for cleaning hot filament off 3d printer nozzles and holding small parts, gluing and repairs.

Straight Edges Stainless Steel Tweezers



When a 3d print is about to start the first thing that happens is a dag of hot filament sticks itself to the 3d printer nozzle. You need to have a pair of these at the ready to clean it off without burning yourself!

Tips from the 3D Printing Experts-


When you preparing a 3d printer for a job on a 3d printer with a heated bed, we always recommend preheating the bed before you print. If it is a large print, you may preheat for a good hour to ensure that the temperature of the bed is even and stable. When you first turn a bed bed on, it will heat in the middle first, and be cool on the edges. This will cause the bed to bow in the middle.

If you start a print too early the bed will keep expanding, so there is a good chance you model will curl at the edges. Now you know why!

The other important this is not to leave you nozzle on for a long time without printing. Do not preheat you nozzle for an our as well, make sure it is turned off. This is particularly import with PLA as it is made from food and it will cook and char inside the hot end. If your nozzles are hot, DO NOT TURN YOUR MACHINE OFF- let the hot end cool down with the cooling fans running, otherwise you can cook the filament inside the hot end, also the heat will creep up higher than it should in and melt too much filament. This is very common cause of blocked extruder. Too much filament gets melted and it corks itself inside. The next time you turn it on it can not soften it anymore.

Once the bed temperature is stabled, this is the best time to calibrate your nozzle height.

Now....You have a preheated bed and you have checked the nozzle height calibration and you are ready to print...excellent. The next thing to do is PRIME YOUR NOZZLE.To do this we need to heat the hot end to our intended printing temperature which is correct for the filament we intent to print with. Ensure you nozzle is a good distance away from your print bed and extrude filament out of you nozzle. This is especially important with PLA as it breaks down very quickly at temperature. We want to flush out a good amount of material to ensure that we remove any old filament out of the hot end. You want to ensure that it is fresh filament coming through in a nice straight line.

When extrusion stops, clean off the extruded nozzle with Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Tweezersensuring you do not scratch the tip of you nozzle. When the nozzle is clean, start printing straight away with a lovely primed print head with nice virgin filament.


Length: 116mm

Width: 9mm

Thickness: 2mm

Hardness Rating: HRC40

Material: 302 stainless steel with PPS anti-static coating.

This twin pack contains 2 x Straight Tweezer, each with their own tip protector.