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The Transcan C is a professional-grade 3D scanner, ideal for industries requiring high-resolution, accurate scans of medium-sized objects. With adjustable scanning range and 3 resolution levels, users can capture intricate detail with high efficiency.

12MP color cameras produce rich textured 3D models, providing an intuitive image of the physical object.

  • High accuracy scan data – 0.035 mm ~ 0.05 mm
  • Dual scan range – easily switch between 150 mm x 96 mm and 300 mm x 190 mm size
  • Two 12 MP colour cameras for detailed 24-bit colour mapping
  • Resolution – 0.0375 mm point distance

Light Source White LED Light
Calibration Mode Manual calibration
Scan Mode Structured-light scan with automatic turntable
Scan Range 150mm x 96mm丨300mm x 190mm
Single Shot Accuracy 0.035mm丨0.05mm
Scan Speed <70s (8 scans/turn without texture); <3s (single frame without texture)
Texture Color RGB 24-bit color
Texture acquisition method Fully automatic soft light shooting
Texture Map 12 mega pixels, high fidelity color
Align Mode markers alignment; feature alignment; manual alignment
Working Distance 260mm丨480mm
Point Distance 0.0375mm;0.075mm;0.114mm丨0.075mm;0.154mm;0.23mm
Data Format OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, 3MF
Working Temperature Indoor, room temperature
System Win10; 64-bit
Recommended Computer Configuration Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX/RTX series cards, higher or equal to GeForce RTX 1060; Video memory: ≥4 G; Processor: I7-8700; Memory: 32 GB
Size Host module: 332mm x 110mm x 142mm (bare machine size) Tripod components: 475mm x 120mm x 120mm (bare machine size) Turntable module: 320mm x 320mm x 68mm (bare machine size)
Weight Host module: 2.7KG (net weight) Tripod assembly: 2.2KG (net weight) Turntable module: 2.1KG (net weight)
Maximum Turntable Load-Bearing Capacity ≤10 KG

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