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PEI Platform Surface 300mm with 3M Adhesion Sheet

PEI Adhesion Platforms are the new ideal printing surface for FDM style 3D printers!

This stable 3D print surface is specifically used for FDM 3d printers  It is a newly popular style of build surface that becomes incredibly adhesive when heated, returning to a grip free surface when cooled - allowing your print to just pop off without any hassle! 

It is composed of high quality, heat-resistant material called Polyetherimide that can withstand incredible temperatures without breaking down. These sheets will last years if properly looked after! 

To look after your PEI sheet, avoid touching the surface as much as possible and clean with isopropyl alcohol (at least 90% grade) before every print. If losing adhesion over time, clean the surface with acetone, although you won't have to do this often. No other build plate adhesion materials are required!

The PEI adhesion platforms come with a sheet of high temperature resistant 3M tape cut to the exact size of the platform allowing you to install the sheet easily and without hassle.

 PEI sheet

Build Platform Benefits-

  • Can be used interchangeably for ABS & PLA HIPS, Nylon, TPU etc
  • Very durable surface – Will last for years
  • Will greatly reduce warping and/or curling during printing
  • Base of 3D Prints result with a glassy smooth surface finish.
  • No large amounts of force or flexing required to remove a print from the surface. 
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