Objet Eden260V

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The 16-Micron-layer 3D Printing System 

3D Printer for Professional Designers

The economical, small-footprint Objet Eden260V™ rapid prototyping and 3-dimensional printing system is the ideal solution to compress your product design-to-manufacturing cycle. Based on Objet's innovative inkjet technology, Eden260V provides a complete solution for the accurate building of any geometry – easily, quickly and cleanly. Models produced on the Objet Eden260V are smooth and durable, with fine details and an outstanding surface finish.

Ease of Use 

Objet's Eden260V provides an easy to use, fast and clean solution for the precise building of any geometry. This drastically shortens product development cycles and time to market for new products. Models produced on the Eden260V have smooth and durable surfaces, with exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish.

The Objet Eden260V offers high resolution in all axes with no difference on print speed. A choice of High Speed (HS) or High Quality (HQ) printing modes gives you maximum flexibility to achieve the quality you need in different time frames.

Featuring a compact footprint and sleek exterior design, Eden260V supports four 3.6kg Jumbo cartridges of material. This cartridge size allows unmanned operation for extended periods. When two 3.6 kg. cartridges of Model material and two of Support are loaded, the Eden260V can run for at least 72 hours of continuous unattended printing. That's a full weekend of productivity, without weekend operator costs.

  • 3D printing with outstanding surface features and fine details
  • Delivers smooth exterior and interior surfaces, including cavities, without the remnants characteristic of rigid support structures
  • Thin walls down to 0.6mm (0.024") and horizontal layers of 16µ (0.0006")
  • Office friendly system with easy management and maintenance

Technical Specifications

Layer Thickness (Z-axis)
Horizontal build layers down
to 16-micron
Tray Size (X×Y×Z)
260×260×200 mm
Net Build Size (X×Y×Z)
255×252×200 mm
Build Resolution
X-axis: 600 dpi
Y-axis: 600 dpi
Z-axis: 1600 dpi
Printing Modes
High Quality (HQ): 16-micron
High Speed (HS): 30-micron
Typical Accuracy
20-85um for features below 50mm
Up to 200um for full model size
(for rigid materials only, depending on geometry,
build parameters and model orientation)
Material Supported
• Objet FullCure®720: transparent material
• Objet VeroClear: transparent clear material
• Objet Vero family: rigide opaque material
• Objet DurusWhite: polypropylene-like material
• Objet Tango family: rubber-like material
• Objet RGD525: high temperature resistant
Support Type
• Objet FullCure®705 Support
• Non-toxic gel-like photopolymer support easily
removed by WaterJet
Materials Cartridges
Sealed 4×3.6 kg cartridges
Automatic switching between cartridges
Easily and instantly replaced through a
frontloading door
Power Requirements
110 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
1.5 KW single phase
Machine Dimensions (W×D×H)
870×735×1200 mm
Machine Weight
Net 410 kg
Gross (in crate) 500 kg
Objet Studio™ features:
• Suggested build orientation and speed,

• Optimax-printing optimization package
• Automatic real time support structure
• Slice on the fly
• PolyLog™ Materials Management
• Network version
Input Format
STL and SLC File
Operational Environment
Temperature 18°C – 25°C
Relative Humidity 30 – 70 %
Special Facility Requirements
Jetting Heads
SHR (Single Head Replacement), 8 units
Network Communication
Windows XP, Windows 2000
Other Features
• Removable tray for high productivity
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Machine color may vary.