Flashforge Hunter DLP 3D Printer

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The 3D Printer Superstore is proud to bring aboard the Flashforge Hunter Resin digital light processing (DLP) printer to Australia. With our local experts, local support, and local stock, it is with great pride that the Superstore introduces the Hunter to our line up. 

The Flashforge Hunter Resin 3D Printer works by using a DLP projector to cure layers of resin, allowing for high resolution printing at an incredible speed! With a new light engine with optimism 

The Flashforge Hunter has also been optimised for third party resins to allow for more specialised resin work in the fields of dentistry, medical implants, and jewellery. hunter resin dlp gray compensation algorithm allows smoother prints

The custom light engine used in the Hunter works with incredibly powerful, yet stable, LEDs. This helps ensure that the finest detail on a 3D print is preserved while giving a strong bond between layers and allowing for more production and prototype ready prints. 

light intensity 3d printer flashforge hunter resin DLP printing

Industrial LM guide actuator module acting as a Z axis ensures beautifully smooth motion while preserving accuracy down to a micron, and giving your prints a better surface finish. 

Don't replace an entire resin tank every time the film has worn out - the Hunter has a resin tank that can be disassembled to allow you to replace the worn out FEP vat film and silicon seal easily - without having to break the bank with pricey consumable resin tanks. The rest of the resin tank is made of a high quality aluminium, allowing it to match the working life of the machine! 

The build plate for the Hunter is solid metal piece with a ridged surface. Strong and durable, this allows prints to adhere to the build plate, and not the resin vat, ensuring a higher reliability in resin prints. Slide in to install, with no calibration required! 



Latest Software and Firmware


Print volume / build size (X,Y,Z) 1.215 litres(120 x 67.5 x 150)  
Frame size (X,Y,Z) 360 x 310 x 565 mm
Resolution (Z-AXIS) 0.025 - 0.050   mm
Accuracy (Theoretical positioning resolution) 0.0025 mm
Print Speed 10 mm/hour Z axis
Total mass 17.8 kg
Pixel Size 0.0625 mm
Light Source 405 (LED) nm
Software Flashprint / Simplify3D
Power 230V, 50-60Hz, 1A
Connectivity USB Stick / USB Cable / WiFi  
Slicing Software Flashprint / Simplify3d (optional)  
OS Support Windows 7, Linux, Mac OX  
Comes with 12 Months Extended Replacement Parts Warranty