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Stuart S.
The process

When ordering the printers I found the process easy and straight forward and very painless the delivery was on time. The commutation was done very well and had no trouble getting a response when needed. Thank you.

World of 3D printing

My purchase of a 3D printer was to allow me to make custom plastic parts for both plastic Models ad parts for electronic designs.

Trevor R.
Great Result

My Grandson is enjoying his new toy a 3D printer enormously. Mark from Super Store was very easy to deal with directing me into which printer would best suite our needs. Trevor Richards OAM

Rob N.
Super 3D with Glider IIs!

Great unit, delivered on time, great breadth of materials and designs. Recommended!

Peter A.
Great printer

2nd Guider IIs from 3D Printer Superstore.
Super easy to order.
Super fast delivery to other end of country.
Absolutely no complaints.
Very happy customer.

The Guider IIs (High temperature version) is the latest flagship large format 3D printer from Flashforge. This is an updated to the the previous generation Guider IIs which now includes a high temperature extruder capable of temperatures up to 300 ℃. It boasts the addition of an onboard camera for remote monitoring andinbuilt activated carbon air filter. Other advanced features include intelligent assisted bed leveling, filament run out detection and resume on power failure. The Guider IIs is constructed from a rigid all metal frame with precise CNC machined components for the moving axis.

Flashforge have carved themselves a high reputation in the 3D printer market for producing high performance 3D printers at unbeatable prices. Introducing the Flashforge Guider IIs, the next generation of 3D printing. A large volume 3D Printer including the latest in 3D Technology.


GUider IIs high temperature extruder able to print up to 300 degree celsius

The Flashforge Guider IIs supports Ethernet, USB stick and WiFi connectivity. You can manage slice, send files and monitor multiple flashforge 3d printers through cloud based software through the network- even from your phone!

Flashforge Guider IIs High Temp Edition

Flashforge Guider IIs  (High temperature version) 3D Printer 360 views showing 3.5 inch colour touch screen and full enclosure.

flashforge guider 2 heat bed heated chamber enclosed 3d printer melbourne australia victoria creator pro inventor

Flashforge Guider IIs  (High temperature version) can print a large variety of materials including PLA ABS PETG ASA PP PC Flexible TPU and Nylon. The printer is fully enclosed 3d printer with a heated bed ensuring warping of prints is minimised when printing engineering grade materials.

The Flashforge Guider IIs  (High temperature version) is a single head 3D Printer and includes a metal frame, 21 litre build volume (250 x 280 x 300mm), a 3.5 inch touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity and inteligent auto-assisted calibration.

Flashforge guider 2 II 3d printer build chassis frame metal melbourne victoria australia

Flashforge Guider IIs frame is made all out of metal, creating a rigid printer, for very accurate and stable prints. 

flashforge guider 2 II 3d printer build area volume melbourne australia



Communicate and 3D Print with your FlashForge Guider IIs through WI-Fi connectivity, USB and Ethernet. The 3.5 inch full color LCD touchscreen is intuitive and and easy way to control your printer. You can also sent files directly through a network device. Cloud based software allows you to send files to multiple machines and the onboard camera allows you to monitor your printers.


Flashforge have developed their own easy to use 3D printer software - Flashprint which can generate gcode files or send directly to the printer via WiFi, USB or SD Card. You may also use open source and third party 3D Printing slicing software with the FlashForge Guider II such as Simplify3D.

Flashprint 3D Pritning Software for Flashforge 3D Printers

The Flashforge Guider II is a high performance, easy to use 3d printer and offers excellent value. Flashforge is fast becoming the largest 3D printer company in China for good reason!

Flashforge Flashprint custom support structures

The Flashforge Flashprint 3D Printing software that comes standard with these printers has seen a number of advancements. Although being very easy to use, it now includes some of the most advanced features that we have seen in 3d slicing programs. You can now generate your own custom support structures. Let the software automatically generate them, or add and subtract them at will.

Flashprint Slicing software now includes Tree Like support structures for resin printing

The Flashprint 3D Slicing software will now automatically build tree like support structures, plus you can build your own with just a few clicks. This powerful feature is especially ideal for creating support structures for Resin 3D Printers such as the up coming Flashforge DLP printer.

Key Features

Large Build Volume- 250 x 280 x 300mm build size, that's 20 litres.

Full Metal Jacket- When it comes to print quality, a rigid frame is the essential. The Flashforge Guider's  sturdy stiff metal frame dampens vibration, reducing noise and jitter - maintaining higher print quality at high speed.

Enclosed Build Chamber - Heat up the build area using the heated bed in an enclosed environment. Necessary for big and stable prints in ABS, the Guider II is well enclosed for your larger prints. 

3.5 inch full colour touch screen- easy to use with intuitive icons and navigation.

Assisted Platform Calibration- makes platform calibration easy.

Wi-Fi Connectivity- connect directly with your computer and seamless send files directly to your printer using Wi-Fi

USB Cable connection- link your 3d printer directly with a USB cable

USB stick connection- plug a file directly into your 3D printer via a usd stick or hard drive.

Mobile App- Send files directly from your smart phone or Tablet.

High Resolution- 3D print in PLA at up to 0.08mm resolution

Powerful Software- Powered by Flashprint. Easy to use slicing software with powerful tools such as editable support structures.


Print volume / build size (X,Y,Z) 20 litres(250 x 280 x 300)  
Frame size (X,Y,Z) 549 × 490 × 561 mm
Resolution (Z-AXIS) 0.08 - 0.5  mm
Print Precision XY: 11 microns, Z: 2.5 microns
Print Speed 30-80 for ABS, 80-200 for PLA (recommended) mm/sec
Total mass 21 kg
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Nozzle Flow Velocity 24 cc/hr
Max Nozzle Temp 300
Filament Diameter 1.75 to 1.8 mm
Filament Material PLA, ABS, PP, PC, Nylon, PETG, Elastic, Flexible TPU, TPE, Conductive, Wood-Filament, Metalloid, Carbon-Fibre, Thermo-Variable Filament  
Slicing Software Flashprint(skeinforge and slic3r engine), Simplify3D
 STL / X3G
File Type stl, obj
OS Support Windows 10 / 8.1, Mac OS X, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra  
Print without PC Yes with WiFi, USB Stick and USB 2.0 link  
Heated Bed included  Yes up to 120
Power Consumption 115-230 V, 50-60 Hz, 150 W  
Extruder Heads included 1  
Shipping Dimension 600 x 540 x 550 mm
This printer comes with a 12 Months Warranty

Download the latest version of the Flashprint software here

Download the quick start guide to the Guider IIs here

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