Flashforge Filament Drying Station


The Filament Drying Station is a multifunctional product that integrates 3D printing equipment placement, storage and drying of 3D printing filaments, and the movable shelf function. As a matching product of Creator 4, it aims to restore the properties of the wet filaments and solve the problem of the drying and storage of filaments; As its size matches the size of Creator 4, it can be used as an elevated shelf; With casters equipped, it is convenient for movement and switching the working area at will.

Why Do You Need to Use a Filament Drying Station?
Hygroscopicity, the tendency to absorb moisture, is a great enemy of 3D printing. Even a small percentage of humidity will have a negative impact on the properties of most carbon fiber filaments, glass fiber filaments and other materials. Printing with wet filaments will not only lead to surface quality defects, but also destroy the material properties, which will lead to the inability to meet the requirements of the application end. The importance of proper storage and drying of materials is self-evident..


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