DLP FH1100 Standard Resin Grey


This is the standard grey resin made by Flashforge, optimised for use on digital light processing (DPL) 3d printers using 405nm wavelength projectors only- such as the Flashforge Hunter

It resin is NOT compatible with LCD printers such as the Flashforge FOTO Series of 3d printers. 

This resin has been optimised for printing with low shrinkage and low warpage while preserving high detail. 

Density 1.05
Viscosity 100 - 300 cps @ 25C
Tensile Strength 30 MPa
Elongation at Break 8%
Shore Hardness 85 D
Exposure Ec 6mj/cm^2
Penetration Depth 0.2mm/0.5ml
Colour Grey
Size 500 mL

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