DLP Castable Resin FH1200 Green 1000ml

This is the castable resin made by Flashforge, optimised for use on digital light processing (DPL) 3d printers using 405nm wavelength projectors only- such as the Flashforge Hunter

It resin is not compatible with LCD printers such as the Flashforge FOTO Series of 3d printers.

FH1200 casting resin is designed for the jewellery industry to produce fine high detailed objects with a smooth surface finish that show good strength, toughness, flexibility and high impact characteristics. The resin can be uses in the "lost wax" process, with a clean burn out without ash or residue to produce cast precious metal jewellery items.

Flashforge Castable resin has been optimised for use on the Flashforge resin 3D Printers. It can however be used with any resin based 3D printer that accepts open source resins and materials. 

Burn Out Cycle:

1. Heat mould to 600 degrees Celsius and hold temperature for 4 hours.

2. Gently increase heat from 600 degree to 750 degree over 90 mins period.

3. Gently decrease temperature from 750 to 680 degree over a 90 minute period.

4. Heat mold to desired temperature for casting based on the metal that the item will be cast.

5.Proceed with casting process.


Volumetric Shrinkage: 5.58%-6.02%
Viscosity 100 - 300 cps @ 25C
Tensile Strength 42-62 MPa
Elongation at Break 11%-20%
Shore Hardness 60 D
Flexural Strength: 49-58 MPa
Flexural Modulus: 1.192-2.525 MPa
Colour Green
Size 1.0 L

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