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Emblaser Pro - Laser Cutter & Engraver (Pre order)


 A Leap in laser cutting and engraving technology.

Unlock your creativity with the Emblaser Pro - the 3rd generation laser cutter and engraver by Darkly Labs. Made in Australia, this desktop machine is perfect for schools and homes - safe and user-friendly. Its powerful and versatile capabilities make it an ideal choice for all creators.

NOTE: Emblaser Pro expected to ship July 2024

  • WatchDog Accessory – World’s First AI based Fire Detector & Automatic Fire extinguisher with toxic fume detection
  • Toxic Fume Detector
  • 40W Solid State 450nm Laser
  • Precise Camera-to-Workspace for accurate alignment
  • Internal Liquid Cooling

Emblaser Pro Bundle with Fume Exrtractor

The new Emblaser Pro

Developed with 10 years of continuous improvement, incorporating customer feedback and technological advancements, the upcoming Emblaser Pro is a top-of-the-line laser cutter and engraver. Prioritizing safety, it is ideal for use in a classroom, home, or office setting. When used with our innovative WatchDog accessory, it becomes one of the safest options for laser cutting and engraving on the market. Plus, with compatibility with a wide range of materials including wood, leather, card, metal, and plastics, the possibilities for creating projects are endless.


Pioneers of Protection​

Emblaser Pro goes above and beyond in prioritizing your safety, with features such as auto-pause and laser power cutoff when the lid is opened. Its industry standard OD7+ polycarbonate lid makes it a top choice for protection.

Detects & Defends

Eliminate the danger of materials like vinyl or an absent mind when laser-cutting with the aid of the WatchDog accessory. Utilizing intelligent AI, computer vision, and a chlorine sensor, the WatchDog instantly deploys a replaceable CO2 extinguisher as soon as a fire is detected. Ensure your safety with the WatchDog.

Emblaser Pro Laser Cutter by Darkly Labs

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