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Emblaser 2 - Fume Filtration System

Fume Filtration System for the Emblaser 2

Take laser cutting to another level of ease with the dedicated fume filtration system for the Emblaser 2 laser cutter. Perfect for schools or workshops who don't have access to an open window to redirect the Emblaser 2's fume extraction hose. 

The Filter system runs very quietly, making use of an extensive set of filters, composed primarily of active carbon to remove visible fumes and toxins. Simply plug the end of the extraction hose into the fume filtration system, plug the system in, and switch it on to have hassle and worry free laser cutting at any time. 

Please Note: Some odour may still be present after filtration depending on the material.


  • Fume Filtration Unit
  • Set of filters
  • Power lead
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