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EinScan SE (Elite) 3D Scanner

EinScan SE (Elite) 3D scanner by Shining 3D
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This next-gen EinScan 3D scanners are revolutionary products that combine multiple types of 3D scanning into one easy-to-use package! Scan items on a turntable for complete 3D scans in under 2 minutes, or use free mode to place the scanner where you need to get precise information.

Well engineered and built for precision, the Einscan SE 3D scanner comes with fully-automated turntable with self-calibration, captures 360-degree scans in around 120 seconds. Mount the EinScan SE onto a tripod and you’ll be able to capture larger objects in HD. 
Turntable mode allows you to capture objects under 200 x 200 x 200 mm with automatic rotational stitching. Free scan mode, allows you to mount the camera onto a tripod (not include) and 3D scan larger objects up to 700 x 700 x 700 mm.

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The clever 3D Scan software that comes with your 3D Scanner does the heaving lifting and makes it easy to use. 3D Scanning in the past has been a very complex and time-consuming procedure, but with the included software makes it easy work to capture quality 3D models.

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