Jelly Bean

0 Candy Pink - 1.75 PLA Filament

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John S
hot pink

i love this filament

Discover the delicious world of Jelly Bean Filament. High performance 3D printing materials crafted from quality raw ingredients and color pigments produced with the best in industry manufacturing technology to the highest standards.

Jelly Bean Filament has been formulated through thousands of hours of 3D printing on a large variety of 3D printers. The greatest challenges faced by our team of designers and engineers was to create a filament that will perform flawlessly everytime.

No two 3D printers are alike. Variations in filament diameter, Direct Drive and Bowden extruders, all metal and PTFE lined hot ends, temperature transition zones, nozzle metallurgy all have a profound effect on filament extrusion characteristics and performance.

Formulating a filament with the optimised melting characteristics in relation to viscosity and density and stability were paramount. Lower density materials are easier to extrude however they generate more oozing, stringing and compromised bridging. If the formulation is too dense then back pressure can cause inconsistent flow and the dreaded air print.

The secret to success which ensures that Jelly Bean Filament will print flawlessly on the widest variety of 3D printers


See what makes Jelly Bean Filament so special


With the largest range of 3D printing colors in the world, Jelly Bean Filament is made with the strongest color pigments, ensuring a rich and consistent saturation throughout the entire print. For designers, engineers, and artists, Jelly Bean Filament has the most beautiful colors available, all Pantone matched.



Jelly Bean Filament is made of the purest ingredients available, ensuring that the material melts properly while retaining optimum viscosity and stability. This allows small details on prints to be beautifully preserved while maintaining low warpage for even the largest of prints.



Tested on over one hundred different 3D printers, Jelly Bean Filament has been optimised to work widely and reliably between printers, colors, and materials. With diameter accuracy of better than +/- 0.04mm, Jelly Bean Filament runs smoothly on all FFF 3D printers.

Jelly Bean Filament has been made by a team of industry leading designers, engineers, and artists who are passionate about bringing 3D printing to the next level.



Our filament formulations are specified to the Pantone Matching System andexceed the environmental directives of REACH and RoHS. Our production facility passes international quality management system ISO9001, International environment system ISO14001 and supersedes SGS Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.