Adventurer III Complete Artist Bundle

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This is the complete artist bundle for the Flashforge Adventurer III! 

Get started with the ultimate maker's journey with the following:
  • Flashforge Adventurer III
  • Wacom Tablet
  • Nine rolls of Flashforge ABS Filament 500g
  • Nine rolls of Flashforge PLA Filament 500g

This bundle contains everything you need to become the ultimate creator, with the newly released state-of-the-art Flashforge Adventurer III, the artist's best friend in the Wacom Tablet , and a mixed selection of filament colours in both PLA and ABS.

flashforge adventurer 3 III 3d printer artist bundle with filament and wacom intuos tablet

Meet the new 3D printer on the block

Introducing the newest in 3D Printing Technology, the Flashforge, the Adventurer 3!

3D printing no longer has to cost a fortune, with this printer packing self loading filament, pre-levelled bed, a flexi-heated build platform, Flashcloud wireless control, full colour touch screen, hot-swappable nozzle, 2 million pixel camera, filament run out detection, fast heating, one of the best slicing algorithms on the market, and almost completely silent, it's no wonder they call this printer an Adventurer - there's nothing this printer isn't ready to face!

Specifications for flashforge adventurer 3 3d printer

3D Printer Contents

Your Adventurer III ships with everything you need to get started with 3D printing right away - without the hassle!

To get you up and printing the printer also comes with a full roll of filament, the power cable, and a quick start guide to make everything clear.

To ensure that your printer keeps working happily forever, it also comes with some lithium grease to apply every 12 months or so, an unclogging pin tool to help you clean out the extruder system if you ever get stuck, and a screwdriver and allen wrench to get you out of any scrape you can imagine.

contents of flashforge adventurer 3 III 3d printer

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