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Adventurer 3 Pro 2 - The Need for Speed!

While maintaining the smart and user-friendly features of the Adventurer 3 series, the Adventurer 3 Pro 2 enhances the speed to 200mm/s and introduces a new extruder fan structure and a PEI flexible platform design. This upgrade caters to the needs of individuals, families, and educational users by delivering improved printing quality and a more convenient and efficient experience.

Adventurer 3 Pro 2 adopts 9-point automatic leveling. The relative
height between the nozzle and the platform is measured by magnetic
induction of the extruder leveling sensor, and then intelligent
compensation is carried out during the printing process, which
guarantees excellent first-layer printing quality and improves the
printing success rate.

Specifications for flashforge adventurer 3 3d printer

3D Printer Contents

Your Adventurer III ships with everything you need to get started with 3D printing right away - without the hassle!

To get you up and printing the printer also comes with a full roll of filament, the power cable, and a quick start guide to make everything clear.

To ensure that your printer keeps working happily forever, it also comes with some lithium grease to apply every 12 months or so, an unclogging pin tool to help you clean out the extruder system if you ever get stuck, and a screwdriver and allen wrench to get you out of any scrape you can imagine.

contents of flashforge adventurer 3 III 3d printer

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